sardo-3 Sardo Negro Cattle are a mix of the zebu cattle, where the cattles’ coat is the defining characteristic that has been identified in the records as Agryrado-Indubrazil, Mouro coat color. The characteristics of the coat are black and white hair with red or brown spots occasionally showing up on the coat. They were first recorded as Gyr and were framed within the pattern of the breed and were approved by Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture in 1962. Later, they discontinued their classification is Gyr and became their own breed, Sardo Negro.

These marked cattle are attractive, not only because of their color, but due to their characteristics of milk and meat production, precocity, fertility, longevity, maternal ability, and hardiness, resistance to infectious diseases, ectoparasites, adaptation and acclimatization. Sardo Negro cattle cross extremely well with the Bos Taurus, or European breeds of cattle to improve their productions of both meat and milk.

At Butler Farms we have imported some beautiful Sardo Negro cattle to start our own herd. These cattle are very popular due to their coloring, as well as the Sardo Negro cattles’ milk and beef production. Contact us to learn more about our Sardo Negro cattle in the United States.

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