Guzerat Cattle Arrive at Butler Farms

It has taken a long time and a lot of hard work but we have finally received some of our Mexican cattle at the ranch. At 3am Saturday morning August 23rd, Clay Butler arrived at Mt Vernon, Tx with 1 Guzerat Cow, 1 Guzerat Bred Heifer, 1 Guzerat Yearling Heifer and 1 polled Nelore bred heifer. The cattle had crossed into Texas from Mexico in the Afternoon of August 22, 2014. We still have Gyr, Guzerat and Sardo Negro cattle to arrive at the border for processing the first week of September. Our Journey has not come to an end but we are making headway. I would like to thank the many people that have assisted and continue to assist us in this endeavor. Rancho La Loma, Juan Manuel Conde, David Quintanilla, Erik Abrahamsson, Miguel Aramburo, Finca El Rosario, Juan Gabriel Trinidad, Oscar Garcia Ugarte, Jesus Quintanilla and many many more.