guzerat-3 Guzerat cattle are a breed developed in Brazil from the Kankrej cattle imported from India during the time frame from 1875 until 1964. They are also known by the names Guzera, Gujera, Gujrati, Gusera, Guzerath. They are, of course, very similar, both being tall draft/beef breeds with high horns. On the average, Guzerat are darker, bigger and have longer horns than Kankrej.

The bulls usually are quite dark on the head and forequarters, lighter elsewhere. Guzerat cattle are gray cattle of northern India and have long, lyre shaped horns.  They are among the largest cattle of India and are prized as powerful draft animals and are moderate milk producers. Guzerat cattle have short broad faces with long ears drooping and that tend to open to the front.  Their color varies from light gray to black at maturity.  Guzerat and Kankrej are the principal breeds used in the formation of the American Brahman, along with the Gir and the Nelore. Guzerat cattle are maintained as a pure breed in India and Brazil in large numbers, with a few in the U. S. They show the usual advantages of Zebu cattle in the Tropics and Semi-Tropics, good heat tolerance and pest resistance.

Butler Farms is proud to have top quality Guzerat cattle here in the United States. While there are not many pure bred Guzerat cattle in the U.S., we feel the breed is of great importance as the Guzerat was the most important breed in the formation of the American Brahman and they are greatly sought after for the tremendous milk production. Butler Farms Guzerat cattle are some of the best Guzerat cattle to be found in the U.S. Please let us know if you need any more information about Guzerat cattle or the Guzerat cattle that Butler Farms has to offer.

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