indu-3 Indo-Brazilian cattle or Indubrasil cattle are a Zebu beef breed developed in Brazil from from 1910-1930 from the Gir, Kankrej and Ongole Cattle brought from India. By 1946 Indo-Brazilian, or Indubrasil cattle were being imported into the United States and some sources site their contribution to the development of the Brahman. While this is nearly the same mixture which produced the American Brahman, the two breeds differ in appearance, with the Indo-Brazilian, or Indubrasil, having much longer ears which hang down lower, than Brahman Cattle. Also The Indo-Brazilian are generally taller and lighter muscled than the Brahman. But, much like the American Brahman, Indo-Brazilian, or Indubrasil cattle have good heat and parasite resistance and thrive in the tropics. They are white to dark grey in color with short horns and very large ears. They have the typical Zebu shoulder hump.

In Brazil, until the 1940s, this was the most used zebu race, but since the 1950s, Nelore cattle have become more popular. Today, about 90% of Brazilian cattle meat production comes from Nelore.

At Butler Farms we have imported Indu-Brazilian cattle in an effort to provide the American Cattle market with choices. Our Indu-Brazilian cattle come from Championship bloodlines and are tremendous examples of the Indu-Brasil breed of cattle. Please contact us to learn more about our Butler Farms Indu-Brazilian cattle.

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