We currently have semen from our Herd Sires for sale, as well as select embryos
for sale. If you are looking for live cattle for sale please visit our Sales Page.
Please email us for more information about our semen and embryo offerings.


JMA Radar12/20/2011JMA Ronaldo 9150/6JMA El Rosario 2494/6
JMA-GONDAL 11/01/2011JMA - RONALDO (9007322)JMA - EL ROSARIO 2675/7 IA (9007793)
JMA El Rosario 3520/2 IA02/01/2012JMA Ronaldo 9150/6JMA El Rosario 1900/4 IA
JMA Samba 3441/1 IA04/10/2011JMA Ronaldo IA 9150/6JMA Bossa IA 2750/7
JMA America 3495/1 IA12/20/2011JMA Ronaldo 9150/6JMA El Rosario 2550/6 IA
JMA El Rosario 3587/2 IA06/25/12JMA Ronaldo IA 9150/6JMA El Rosario 2550/6 IA