angus-4Angus beef cattle hardly need an introduction. Angus beef it is renowned for its fine marbling texture and superlative eating qualities. The Angus, given a minimal amount of days on feed, will manage to repeatedly turn out Prime and Choice grade meats. The Certified Angus Beef program was the first of its class. It provides Angus beef producers an increase in the marketability of their stock directly leading to higher premiums. For the consumer, it provides a consistent eating experience and the assurance of knowing what one is purchasing. In order to qualify under the phenotype requirements of the CAB programs, the cattle must exhibit at least 51% black coloration as well as the absence of non-Angus traits.

Angus bulls are an excellent crossbreeding option. Breeding to an Angus bull virtually eliminates calving problems. The resulting calves are born polled minimizing injuries in feedlot situations. Breeding Angus cattle to Bos Indicus cattle results in a hybrid that is very efficient. Angus hybrids that carry the qualities of both breeds making leaner, more efficient grain converters with higher performance numbers.

While the high quality traits of beef are not exclusive in the Angus, their numbers increased due to their consistency in producing quality. There is little lacking in the Angus breed; it meets the needs of a demanding cattle industry on a wide range of points. It is a docile breed, relatively hardy; cows calve easily and have excellent maternal instincts. At feedlots its meat quality proves its superiority time and again. When in doubt, it is the cattleman tradition to go black—a time tested strategy that has served them well.

At Butler Farms we have been breeding Angus cattle for many years. We are very proud of our top quality Angus bulls and usually have a wait list for our Angus cattle. To learn more about our Angus cattle program please contact us today!

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