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Rito 4I10 of 2536 6807
Reg #:14768720
Dam:G A R Precision 2536
Dams Sire:G A R Precision 1680
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We purchased this bull due to his maternal potential from his sire side and the carcass potential on the dams side. HE served as the foundation of our modern day herd.
Rito 4I10 of 2536 6807
Q A S Traveler 23 4
Band 234 of Ideal 3163
Q A S Blackbird Eve 601 1
Bemindful Maid D H D 0807
PBC 707 1M F0203
Bemindful Maid of R R 1079
G A R Precision 2536
G A R Precision 1680
Tehama Bando 155
9J9 G A R 856
G A R Ext 2104
N Bar Emulation EXT
G A R Scotch Cap 867

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